What I’m Listening To Tonight

11:11 pm. August 28. Plug­ging away on one of my many sto­ries I have lined up for the Octo­ber food issue for Vegas/Rated. Seri­ous writ­ing calls for seri­ous music. Enter a set from Sur­geon, circa 2003.

Only the truly ded­i­cated techno heads know the epic tal­ent of this UK mas­ter, one of the most revered DJs on the scene– his name draws out even the old timers who chose life and now have (more) respon­si­ble jobs, spouses who weren’t in the scene, kids, mort­gages. His trips to the US to play are few and far between, play­ing only a few gigs a year in select cities. Chicago was for­tu­nate to have him a num­ber of times. I saw him most recently in LA last Feb­ru­ary at the clos­est thing to a rave that I’d been to in years.

The first time I saw Sur­geon was in Chicago in I’d say, 2003 or 2004, when techno was com­ing to an early peak in its con­stant ebb and flow along my per­sonal time­line of elec­tronic music. The music seemed some­how dirt­ier, grit­tier then, more pun­ish­ing than now. Now techno seems to pun­ish in a more refined man­ner. It’s hard to explain with­out mak­ing you lis­ten to 12 hours straight of Sur­geon sets.

So instead start with this two hour one.

Sur­geon at Werk, Lon­don 11 Sep­tem­ber 2003

If you’d like to learn more about Sur­geon, he has plenty of sets on his sound­cloud link.


  1. Pete says:

    That party at the Logan Square Audi­to­rium will for­ever be in my memory.

    It’s also the party that I remem­ber strongly as a result of attend­ing with Kevin. He shouted “Do it like you mean it!” as the poor, under­paid rent-a-cop frisked him.

    Oh, Kevin…

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