What I’m Listening To Tonight

Every­one is in a scram­ble the two weeks before the Christ­mas hol­i­days (myself included). So while I’m edit­ing some stuff on my big Sat­ur­day night in (I know, I’m an ani­mal!), I’m hav­ing Tom­my­Four­Se­ven keep me company.

So pretty.

I caught him, his bang­ing sets and his high cheek­bones both in Ams­ter­dam and Berlin, after never see­ing him before. You can see why I’d want to see him repeatedly.

Oh yeah, and this his set that I’m lis­ten­ing to. Tom­my­Four­Se­ven at Time Warp Holland

Photo cour­tesy of Res­i­dent Advi­sor.
Tom­my­Four­Se­ven Time Warp Hol­land set cour­tesy Medellin Style

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