What I Listened To Today

When­ever I have to con­cen­trate on writ­ing or work­ing or danc­ing or noth­ing at all, I like to lis­ten to music.

Vegas/Rated is on dead­line this week, and as we’re putting our Sep­tem­ber fash­ion issue to bed, it requires a lot of read­ing and re-reading and writ­ing and last minute re-writing. As you can imag­ine, song with words don’t exactly help my cause. So I tune out with a lot of techno or house, my sub­woofer bang­ing away in my head­phones, while I look like a head bob­bing pigeon in the office.

Lately, Pan Pot can do no wrong when­ever I hear any of their sets. Enjoy.

Pan Pot @ Tronix, Cour­tesy of Medellin Style

Check out Medellin Style for more sets.

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