What I Listened To Today

When­ever I have to con­cen­trate on writ­ing or work­ing or danc­ing or noth­ing at all, I like to lis­ten to music.

Vegas/Rated is on dead­line this week, and as we’re putting our Sep­tem­ber fash­ion issue to bed, it requires a lot of read­ing and re-reading and writ­ing and last minute re-writing. As you can imag­ine, song with words don’t exactly help my cause. So I tune out with a lot of techno or house, my sub­woofer bang­ing away in my head­phones, while I look like a head bob­bing pigeon in the office.

Lately, Pan Pot can do no wrong when­ever I hear any of their sets. Enjoy.

Pan Pot @ Tronix, Cour­tesy of Medellin Style

Check out Medellin Style for more sets.

Enter with a bang… part 1

Food and techno don’t cross paths very often, but it’s a delight when they do. Some of the most renowned techno pio­neers and DJs are lovers of good food — being world trav­el­ers allows them this lux­ury. When I had the good for­tune to inter­view Richie Hawtin last month before Elec­tric Daisy Fes­ti­val, we dis­cussed not only what was sup­posed to be his ENTER. con­cept at the fes­ti­val, but also food. Really good food. And I real­ized he had been to nearly every restau­rant in the world that I needed to go to — Noma, Mead­owood, French Laun­dry, El Bulli — and then some.

The ENTER. con­cept which Hawtin is launch­ing as part of his res­i­dency begin­ning tomor­row (July 5)  at Space in Ibiza, is a grander idea, with more mov­ing parts, includ­ing a technology-driven area (remem­ber the Con­takt 2008 tour with The Cube?), and a sake room with sake that has never before been exported out­side of Japan. Turns out Hawtin is a trained sake som­me­lier, pur­su­ing the endeavor purely out of his love for the spirit. He’s com­pleted two stages of the four-stage process; all that’s left is to con­tinue to build his palate by tast­ing sake all over Japan. Iron­i­cally, in Japan, sake isn’t cool to drink, with the younger crowd eschew­ing the tra­di­tional bev­er­age for beer and hand crafted cock­tails. “Sake is what your Dad drinks,” Hawtin laughs.

While I did cover his stage at EDC (that never hap­pened due to high winds) for Vegas  Seven, there’s a lot that I couldn’t fit into that piece. So here’s the tran­script of the recorded part of our inter­view over sake and sashimi at Shibuya at MGM Grand.

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