Bon Voyage, FLY BerMuDa

Want to hear what I’m lis­ten­ing to as I write this? Magda at FLY BerMuDa 2012


Got a dis­heart­en­ing newslet­ter from the pro­mot­ers of Berlin Music Days, a cel­e­bra­tion of that city’s vibrant, under­ground music scene held the first week of Novem­ber, with the announce­ment that its big fes­ti­val FLY BerMuDa, isn’t hap­pen­ing this year. In recent years, in addi­tion to club par­ties and tech­ni­cal sem­i­nars, the week was anchored at the end by FLY BerMuDa, held at the now-defunct Air­port Tem­pel­hof.  From what I can gather, the pro­mot­ers felt it was bet­ter to go back to what Berlin does best, focus­ing on label show­cases and club nights. So while you can likely still see all the major techno labels play in Berlin that week­end, there won’t be one mas­sive party where you can see them all at once.

FLY BerMuDa is one of the entries I’d already writ­ten for the book I’m writ­ing (yes, I’m writ­ing a book) — part techno fes­ti­val guide­book, part techno adven­ture chron­i­cles. And as this fes­ti­val is no longer hap­pen­ing, I may as well put this entry some­where. Guess this means I’m going to I LOVE TECHNO instead?

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How to Enjoy an Electronic Music Festival


Want to lis­ten to what I’m lis­ten­ing to as I write this? Click here for Pan-Pot’s Sonar mix.

I fig­ured since I’m not in Vegas for Elec­tric Daisy Car­ni­val in pur­suit of other fes­ti­vals around the world, I’d like to offer some tips on how to make the most of an elec­tronic music fes­ti­val expe­ri­ence. I like to con­sider myself a sea­soned vet­eran, so I am aware of what’s essen­tial for me to have peace of mind to go out. I’m not going to get all PLUR on you, or be your mother, but I prac­tice what I preach. Hav­ing one bad fes­ti­val expe­ri­ence can ruin it for you, so just don’t have one. These tips can be used at pretty much any fes­ti­val, elec­tronic or oth­er­wise, but some are def­i­nitely geared toward long nights and morn­ings lis­ten­ing to dri­ving bass. [Read more…]

What I’m Listening To Tonight + What I’ve Eaten Lately

I know, I know. I’ve missed you too.

Things have been hec­tic as of late, but I didn’t want you to think I’d for­got­ten about you. How could I? You’re my favorite. I promise, you are. Shhh. Don’t tell the oth­ers, you know how they get.

Big things are work­ing for me (and also, I’m work­ing towards big things), so until I can share the good­ness with you, here’s a few things to tie you over.

Cur­rently, I’m lis­ten­ing to this while I write tonight:

Richie Hawtin, ENTER. at Space, Ibiza

Fuck it, you should lis­ten to it too.

But I’ve also been lis­ten­ing to this, which has totally been great, ethe­real non-white noise for when I’m try­ing to focus. I may or may not write my next three books to this loop alone:

Infi­nite Daft Punk Loop

All Hail Daft Punk

All Hail Daft Punk

And then is the best thing I put in my mouth in the past week:

Shrimp Motha-truckin' Toast, Fat Choy

Shrimp Motha-truckin’ Toast, Fat Choy

It’s the shrimp toast from Fat Choy. Ah yes, there’s a fried egg on it, so if you know me well (and I think you do) you’d think that would be the auto­matic qual­i­fier for me. But alas, there’s more about this decep­tively sim­ple umami-bomb to love. It’s minced shrimp with a bit of lap cheong, or Chi­nese sausage, driz­zled with sriracha aioli and hoisin sauce, all atop a piece of toast. AND THEN that bad boy is topped with the egg. And then eff you if you don’t think it’s good.

Fat Choy
Inside Eureka Casino
595 E. Sahara Ave.

Daft Punk photo cour­tesy of Daft Punk’s face­book (and sadly no, they are not play­ing at my house

Swedish Techno Invades Vegas

If you thought this was going to be about Swedish House Mafia, I’m sorry. Hope­fully you’ll find this better.

I am of course, lis­ten­ing to an Adam Beyer set as I write. Want to know what beats are dri­ving me? Click here

I’m pretty sure Swe­den hasn’t invaded any­where since… Abba? The first Ikea in the US? This guy?

The Swedes are bet­ter at a lot of things than most: pro­duc­ing tall beau­ti­ful peo­ple (mostly blond), DIY mod­ern fur­ni­ture, and techno. And there’s no bet­ter ambas­sador to send than Adam Beyer.

Elec­tric Zoo New York 2009

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My favorite dishes of 2012, plus 2013, here I come!

I had a pretty fan­tas­tic 2012, for which I am grate­ful. Two techno tours of a life­time in one year, inter­viewed some of the biggest culi­nary names in the world, inter­viewed my favorite DJ in the world, new adven­tures, new friends, new bonds, new blog!

So I didn’t want to write some sort of cliche res­o­lu­tion or best of 2012 or trends for 2013 list, so instead I’m going to rat­tle off some shit that the worked for me this year (in no par­tic­u­lar order):

The first step to get­ting any big task or project done is to write it down.
Always go with the deci­sion that makes for the bet­ter story.
Be care­ful what you wish for.
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What I’m Listening To Tonight

Every­one is in a scram­ble the two weeks before the Christ­mas hol­i­days (myself included). So while I’m edit­ing some stuff on my big Sat­ur­day night in (I know, I’m an ani­mal!), I’m hav­ing Tom­my­Four­Se­ven keep me company.

So pretty.

I caught him, his bang­ing sets and his high cheek­bones both in Ams­ter­dam and Berlin, after never see­ing him before. You can see why I’d want to see him repeatedly.

Oh yeah, and this his set that I’m lis­ten­ing to. Tom­my­Four­Se­ven at Time Warp Holland

Photo cour­tesy of Res­i­dent Advi­sor.
Tom­my­Four­Se­ven Time Warp Hol­land set cour­tesy Medellin Style

What I Listened to Today

I’m tak­ing a lit­tle break from my trav­el­ogue tonight as I’m using up all my words on a New Years Eve guide I’m writ­ing (any­one have any other ways to say “ring in 2013?” I’m pretty sure I’ve used them all).

So here’s a track that I lis­tened to a cou­ple times today by Richie Hawtin and the late Pete Nam­look, the Ger­man elec­tronic music pio­neer who passed away sud­denly about a week ago. This was their first col­lab­o­ra­tion in 1994.

Floaty and ethe­real, accord­ing to Hawtin they recorded this shortly after New Years in 1993. So it’s been help­ful to write with this in the back of my head today.

From Within: A Mil­lion Miles to Earth

Thank you for the music.

And now, for some techno! CLR showcase, Amsterdam Dance Event

Want to be on the same page and lis­ten to what I’m lis­ten­ing to as I write this? Click here.

The rea­son I came to Ams­ter­dam this time around was for Ams­ter­dam Dance Event, now the largest elec­tronic music con­fer­ence in the world, and with good rea­son. It’s not just a fes­ti­val, it’s not just a col­lec­tion of shows all over the city — the event is five days filled with sem­i­nars with music indus­try lead­ers and trend­set­ters, pro­grams for uni­ver­sity stu­dents who want a legit­i­mate career in the music busi­ness, movie screen­ings, cul­tural events, DJ cook offs, pop-up DJ sets. It’s entirely pos­si­ble to skip all of that and just rave your face off for five days straight over every sin­gle genre of elec­tronic music available.

I was for­tu­nate enough to be invited by Claire Van Der Hall to one of the pan­els she was host­ing dur­ing the day, which also hap­pened to be the only one that was in Eng­lish, held in this giant cube in the mid­dle of Leidseplein.

James Minor of SXSW was sup­posed to be dis­cussing… some­thing, but it seemed like he didn’t really have much to dis­cuss, despite Claire’s best efforts to get use­ful infor­ma­tion out of him. To be fair, SXSW and ADE and other elec­tronic music fes­ti­vals are dif­fer­ent ani­mals entirely, so his basic sug­ges­tion of “work hard, don’t be a dick” was use­ful, just not enough to fill up 50 minutes.

You know who always shows up, works hard and is not a dick*? Chris Liebing.

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Today’s Soundtrack. Lots of techno, very little food.

Today I plowed through my final story due for the Octo­ber food issue of Vegas/Rated. As it’s the food issue, I had quite a few sto­ries to file. This last one I worked on I put off because I knew it would be the hard­est for me to write — and so I set a reward for myself for when I fin­ished it. When I fin­ished my final fea­ture story, I would be able to pur­chase my ticket to Europe for a trip I’m tak­ing in the name of techno five weeks from now.

I relied on a Cocoon set from Ger­man DJ Sven Väth to help me out in this endeavor. Vath also hap­pens to be head­lin­ing the Fly BerMuDa Fes­ti­val, the rea­son why I’m going to Berlin.

Con­se­quently there was lots of techno to go with today’s work, but very lit­tle food. All I ate today, in addi­tion to my typ­i­cal morn­ing pro­tein shake and iced mocha, was one of these bad boys that I keep stashed in my desk.

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What I’m Listening To Tonight

11:11 pm. August 28. Plug­ging away on one of my many sto­ries I have lined up for the Octo­ber food issue for Vegas/Rated. Seri­ous writ­ing calls for seri­ous music. Enter a set from Sur­geon, circa 2003.

Only the truly ded­i­cated techno heads know the epic tal­ent of this UK mas­ter, one of the most revered DJs on the scene– his name draws out even the old timers who chose life and now have (more) respon­si­ble jobs, spouses who weren’t in the scene, kids, mort­gages. His trips to the US to play are few and far between, play­ing only a few gigs a year in select cities. Chicago was for­tu­nate to have him a num­ber of times. I saw him most recently in LA last Feb­ru­ary at the clos­est thing to a rave that I’d been to in years. [Read more…]