Rainy Day Dining

This morn­ing I was awoken by a loud clap of thun­der, imme­di­ately fol­lowed by the sound of rain drops pelt­ing my win­dow. It stormed today. Rain is an unusual occur­rence any­way in the desert — but a whole day of down­pours is unheard of. Yet today Las Vegas was met with flash flood­ing, and dumb peo­ple get­ting stuck in the water because they can’t wait. Wel­come to Vegas.

Between this dreary day, dead­line and not feel­ing so hot, today was def­i­nitely a soup day. My go to soup in town is usu­ally a bowl of pho, but today I had a taste for some Hong Kong fare. After work I dragged myself to Asian BBQ & Noo­dle, a cash only shop that does… Asian bbq and noodles.

Walk­ing into Asian BBQ & Noo­dle on any given day is like you just walked into any bbq and noo­dle spot. Though the ducks are not hang­ing in the front win­dow (the restau­rant win­dow faces West where the harsh Vegas sun bar­rels in dur­ing the after­noons), they’re hang­ing behind the glass at the counter located inside the restau­rant. The menu over the counter is in both Eng­lish (well, Engr­ish) and Chinese.

Dif­fer­ent than what you’d get in say, a Can­tonese Chi­nese Amer­i­can restau­rant, which will often have weak won­tons with big floppy wrap­pers and a few veg­eta­bles, Hong Kong style won­ton noo­dle soup has won­tons which are look like superball-sized brains made of ground shrimp and pork in a nearly translu­cent wrap­per. The noo­dles are thin, yel­low egg noo­dles that are nice and chewy. The broth is hot, shrimp-ish/chicken-ish and fra­grant and soul soothing.

As I ordered my food to go, they pack­aged the won­tons and noo­dles sep­a­rately from the soup. [Read more…]