What I’m Listening To Tonight + What I’ve Eaten Lately

I know, I know. I’ve missed you too.

Things have been hec­tic as of late, but I didn’t want you to think I’d for­got­ten about you. How could I? You’re my favorite. I promise, you are. Shhh. Don’t tell the oth­ers, you know how they get.

Big things are work­ing for me (and also, I’m work­ing towards big things), so until I can share the good­ness with you, here’s a few things to tie you over.

Cur­rently, I’m lis­ten­ing to this while I write tonight:

Richie Hawtin, ENTER. at Space, Ibiza

Fuck it, you should lis­ten to it too.

But I’ve also been lis­ten­ing to this, which has totally been great, ethe­real non-white noise for when I’m try­ing to focus. I may or may not write my next three books to this loop alone:

Infi­nite Daft Punk Loop

All Hail Daft Punk

All Hail Daft Punk

And then is the best thing I put in my mouth in the past week:

Shrimp Motha-truckin' Toast, Fat Choy

Shrimp Motha-truckin’ Toast, Fat Choy

It’s the shrimp toast from Fat Choy. Ah yes, there’s a fried egg on it, so if you know me well (and I think you do) you’d think that would be the auto­matic qual­i­fier for me. But alas, there’s more about this decep­tively sim­ple umami-bomb to love. It’s minced shrimp with a bit of lap cheong, or Chi­nese sausage, driz­zled with sriracha aioli and hoisin sauce, all atop a piece of toast. AND THEN that bad boy is topped with the egg. And then eff you if you don’t think it’s good.

Fat Choy
Inside Eureka Casino
595 E. Sahara Ave.

Daft Punk photo cour­tesy of Daft Punk’s face­book (and sadly no, they are not play­ing at my house

What I Listened to Today

I’m tak­ing a lit­tle break from my trav­el­ogue tonight as I’m using up all my words on a New Years Eve guide I’m writ­ing (any­one have any other ways to say “ring in 2013?” I’m pretty sure I’ve used them all).

So here’s a track that I lis­tened to a cou­ple times today by Richie Hawtin and the late Pete Nam­look, the Ger­man elec­tronic music pio­neer who passed away sud­denly about a week ago. This was their first col­lab­o­ra­tion in 1994.

Floaty and ethe­real, accord­ing to Hawtin they recorded this shortly after New Years in 1993. So it’s been help­ful to write with this in the back of my head today.

From Within: A Mil­lion Miles to Earth

Thank you for the music.

Enter with a bang… part 1

Food and techno don’t cross paths very often, but it’s a delight when they do. Some of the most renowned techno pio­neers and DJs are lovers of good food — being world trav­el­ers allows them this lux­ury. When I had the good for­tune to inter­view Richie Hawtin last month before Elec­tric Daisy Fes­ti­val, we dis­cussed not only what was sup­posed to be his ENTER. con­cept at the fes­ti­val, but also food. Really good food. And I real­ized he had been to nearly every restau­rant in the world that I needed to go to — Noma, Mead­owood, French Laun­dry, El Bulli — and then some.

The ENTER. con­cept which Hawtin is launch­ing as part of his res­i­dency begin­ning tomor­row (July 5)  at Space in Ibiza, is a grander idea, with more mov­ing parts, includ­ing a technology-driven area (remem­ber the Con­takt 2008 tour with The Cube?), and a sake room with sake that has never before been exported out­side of Japan. Turns out Hawtin is a trained sake som­me­lier, pur­su­ing the endeavor purely out of his love for the spirit. He’s com­pleted two stages of the four-stage process; all that’s left is to con­tinue to build his palate by tast­ing sake all over Japan. Iron­i­cally, in Japan, sake isn’t cool to drink, with the younger crowd eschew­ing the tra­di­tional bev­er­age for beer and hand crafted cock­tails. “Sake is what your Dad drinks,” Hawtin laughs.

While I did cover his stage at EDC (that never hap­pened due to high winds) for Vegas  Seven, there’s a lot that I couldn’t fit into that piece. So here’s the tran­script of the recorded part of our inter­view over sake and sashimi at Shibuya at MGM Grand.

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