How to Enjoy an Electronic Music Festival


Want to lis­ten to what I’m lis­ten­ing to as I write this? Click here for Pan-Pot’s Sonar mix.

I fig­ured since I’m not in Vegas for Elec­tric Daisy Car­ni­val in pur­suit of other fes­ti­vals around the world, I’d like to offer some tips on how to make the most of an elec­tronic music fes­ti­val expe­ri­ence. I like to con­sider myself a sea­soned vet­eran, so I am aware of what’s essen­tial for me to have peace of mind to go out. I’m not going to get all PLUR on you, or be your mother, but I prac­tice what I preach. Hav­ing one bad fes­ti­val expe­ri­ence can ruin it for you, so just don’t have one. These tips can be used at pretty much any fes­ti­val, elec­tronic or oth­er­wise, but some are def­i­nitely geared toward long nights and morn­ings lis­ten­ing to dri­ving bass. [Read more…]