Pho All My Noodle-Soup Lovin’ Homies

Have I men­tioned my love of noo­dle soups? Ide­ally Asian noo­dle soups? Check out the April, off-Strip issue of Vegas/Rated where I give you step by step instruc­tions on how to get down with a bowl of pho.

What the Pho?

Damn, Amsterdam! Bigger Bites: Saigon Cafe

Despite its noto­ri­ety for being a town filled with ston­ers, the culi­nary delights in Ams­ter­dam are not rel­e­gated to Bit­ter­Ballen, which I did suf­fer through the last time I was there. Here’s the famed Dutch Kroket­ten in log form, straight from the infa­mous FEBO machines that mag­i­cally replen­ish them­selves. It’s like eat­ing deep fried sausage gravy, and not in the pleas­ant way.

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