The Dining Companion Rules

In my line of work, I often get asked what hap­pens when I go to review a restau­rant. While there are some tricks of the trade that I keep to myself, I wouldn’t be any­where with­out a list of faith­ful din­ing com­pan­ions. It’s a ranked ros­ter of 6–7 indi­vid­u­als whom I can call on to join me for any meals or restaurant/club/show open­ings that I may be invited to or that I have to observe.

Gen­er­ally, they’re a good group that I’ve curated much like in Reser­voir Dogs where Joe Cabot picks Mr. Orange, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Blue, Mr. Pink, etc. for a dia­mond store heist based on their tal­ents and dis­po­si­tions (i may or may not also assign each din­ing com­pan­ion their own alias in my stories).

So while in gen­eral they’re all decent, rel­a­tively adven­tur­ous eaters — based on their idio­syn­crasies tastes and palates I know who’s best to take to a gas­tropub or a Chi­nese bar­be­cue food truck, or whom I can bring to a 1-Michelin star restau­rant, but not a 3-Michelin star restau­rant, etc. If one has done espe­cially well at a high end steak house, I might con­sider that they may be ready to move into finer din­ing at a French restau­rant. Some pass the tests, some don’t. [Read more…]