Damn, Amsterdam! Random bites…

It has taken me some time to digest my recent leg of Techno Tour 2012, and as such, I’ve finally fig­ured out how to pro­ceed with both the food and the techno that I’ve con­sumed the past three weeks or so.

My first stop of my tri­umphant return to Europe was none other than the Nether­lands for Ams­ter­dam Dance Event.

But as it is in this lifestyle, food usu­ally comes before (and rarely after) the techno, so here’s a few bites that I man­aged to choke down.

As soon as I set­tled into my great apart­ment over­look­ing the IJ bay (Thanks AirBNB! ), I hit up the gro­cery store for pro­vi­sions. One of my favorite things about gro­cery stores in Europe? The sheer mad­ness of their cheese sections.

Another strange phe­nom­e­non I expe­ri­ence when­ever I am in Ams­ter­dam (all two times so far), is that I have an insane crav­ing for smoked salmon. For this, I made my way to a cafe that served my pur­poses dur­ing my first visit, when I stayed in Cen­trum, Blom Lunch­cafe (and that I also knew had wi-fi.) This is my new favorite way to expe­ri­ence smoked salmon: on a soft roll, with creme fraiche, a bit of soft scram­bled eggs and some chives.

Also at Blom, all the table around me were get­ting orders of apple pie, so I felt the need to do as the Dutch do. Cold pie, real whipped cream, and not cloy­ingly sweet, so it worked for me.

As it’s cus­tom­ary to eat Vlaamse Frites in Ams­ter­dam, I ven­tured out after a night of rav­ing to the train sta­tion to see how well I’d do. For the unini­ti­ated, frites in Ams­ter­dam are twice cooked, and served with sauces like may­on­naise, mus­tard or curry.

This is where I started.

This is how far I got.

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