Ceviche. Not pickles. Ceviche.

A few weeks ago I had com­plained via face­book about a press release I had received from a restau­rant tout­ing “cau­li­flower ceviche” in honor of World Vegan Month (this month, FYI). I noted that veg­eta­bles mar­i­nated in an acid such as lime juices does not ceviche make. It makes pickles.

Any­way, to be fair I am not a huge ceviche (real or oth­er­wise) fan. Not that it isn’t tasty, but when I wake up in the morn­ing think­ing about din­ner (because I do that), not once have I ever thought “man, I really want to eat some ceviche for dinner!”

But I have been think­ing about this ceviche lately.

Not when I wake up, but maybe in pass­ing, mid-morning, when I think I’d like some­thing refresh­ing to snack on. Behold the ceviche de pulpo, or octo­pus ceviche from Javier’s, the new Mex­i­can restau­rant at Aria.

Bright with lots of lime and sweet ten­sion from sliced red onions, the star of this mar­i­nated dish is of course the thinly sliced, incred­i­bly ten­der octo­pus. It could be dan­ger­ous to eat octo­pus like this, espe­cially if it the ten­ta­cles are not treated prop­erly, caus­ing the mus­cles to seize up and make it a rub­bery mess, but this cephalo­pod had a good give to it with­out feel­ing like I was going to have to fight it like a chew toy.

So I tip my hat to Javiers for a ceviche I enjoy. If you’re inter­ested, in the Novem­ber issue of Vegas/Rated I talk about the beau­ti­ful art on Javier’s wall — the largest piece of chain­saw art in the country.

The Oscar Wilde ref­er­ence in the piece is my gift to you.

Javier’s at Aria

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