28 Days of Food, Techno and Gratitude

Some­how, Novem­ber has arrived faster than we all antic­i­pated. And for me, my birth­day month is always a time to reflect if and how I’ve grown in the past year, and what I’d like to accom­plish in the next. It dawned on me when I saw Richie Hawtin last week­end   that 2013 has been one of the best years so far!

But there’s always room for improve­ment. Great­ness is an end­less pur­suit and some­times you need to take a step back to see where change is needed, what is work­ing, and what isn’t.

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TomorrowWorld live blogging — WATCH THIS SPACE!

Yesterday is history. Today is a gift. Tomorrow is a mystery.

Yes­ter­day is his­tory. Today is a gift. Tomor­row is a mystery.


Since Tomor­row­Land was such an amaz­ing blur, I thought I’d do some­thing dif­fer­ent and blog my expe­ri­ence from the first ever Tomor­row­World in Chat­ta­hoochee Hills, Geor­gia. My first visit to Atlanta, and my first solo festival.

Three days of mad­ness ahead, will try to update as often as I can.

I apol­o­gize in advance for pos­si­ble posts like

oh my god i love every­one here and every­one is so amaz­ing and i’ve met so many great peo­ple and i’ve man­aged to avoid the main­stage all day but here I am with Afro­jack can you seeeee meeeee??????”

*just kid­ding, you know I won’t get onstage with Afro­jack. It’ll be Armin Van Buuren.

Wish me luck!

Bon Voyage, FLY BerMuDa

Want to hear what I’m lis­ten­ing to as I write this? Magda at FLY BerMuDa 2012


Got a dis­heart­en­ing newslet­ter from the pro­mot­ers of Berlin Music Days, a cel­e­bra­tion of that city’s vibrant, under­ground music scene held the first week of Novem­ber, with the announce­ment that its big fes­ti­val FLY BerMuDa, isn’t hap­pen­ing this year. In recent years, in addi­tion to club par­ties and tech­ni­cal sem­i­nars, the week was anchored at the end by FLY BerMuDa, held at the now-defunct Air­port Tem­pel­hof.  From what I can gather, the pro­mot­ers felt it was bet­ter to go back to what Berlin does best, focus­ing on label show­cases and club nights. So while you can likely still see all the major techno labels play in Berlin that week­end, there won’t be one mas­sive party where you can see them all at once.

FLY BerMuDa is one of the entries I’d already writ­ten for the book I’m writ­ing (yes, I’m writ­ing a book) — part techno fes­ti­val guide­book, part techno adven­ture chron­i­cles. And as this fes­ti­val is no longer hap­pen­ing, I may as well put this entry some­where. Guess this means I’m going to I LOVE TECHNO instead?

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How to Enjoy an Electronic Music Festival


Want to lis­ten to what I’m lis­ten­ing to as I write this? Click here for Pan-Pot’s Sonar mix.

I fig­ured since I’m not in Vegas for Elec­tric Daisy Car­ni­val in pur­suit of other fes­ti­vals around the world, I’d like to offer some tips on how to make the most of an elec­tronic music fes­ti­val expe­ri­ence. I like to con­sider myself a sea­soned vet­eran, so I am aware of what’s essen­tial for me to have peace of mind to go out. I’m not going to get all PLUR on you, or be your mother, but I prac­tice what I preach. Hav­ing one bad fes­ti­val expe­ri­ence can ruin it for you, so just don’t have one. These tips can be used at pretty much any fes­ti­val, elec­tronic or oth­er­wise, but some are def­i­nitely geared toward long nights and morn­ings lis­ten­ing to dri­ving bass. [Read more…]

My look at Hakkasan

It’s no secret that I’m not a huge fan of Las Vegas clubs. This blog is called food plus techno, after all, not “food plus main­stream edm.” But I will always jump at the chance to see what’s new on the scene, if only because Vegas prop­er­ties seem­ingly spare no expense when it comes to build­ing these bad boys.

Last week I sucked it up through Steve Aoki and his inflat­able air mat­tress (what, does the Wynn own the rights to the raft?), to check out this amaz­ing wall of visu­als behind the main­stage, and a bang­ing sound sys­tem, even if I didn’t care much for the sounds com­ing out of them.

Check out more of my obser­va­tions here on Star­tle and Forbes Travel Guide:
Nightlife Hot Spot Hakkasan Opens in Vegas

Pho All My Noodle-Soup Lovin’ Homies

Have I men­tioned my love of noo­dle soups? Ide­ally Asian noo­dle soups? Check out the April, off-Strip issue of Vegas/Rated where I give you step by step instruc­tions on how to get down with a bowl of pho.

What the Pho?

I freaking love french fries.

As I explain in Vegas Seven: Pair Your Beer and Fries

And if that isn’t enough for you, here’s some of the finest fries I’ve eaten in the past year or so.

RIP Rattlecan poutine

RIP Rat­tle­can poutine

Fries somehow taste better in a cone - Pinot Brasserie, Venetian

Fries some­how taste bet­ter in a cone — Pinot Brasserie, Venetian

I'm not even sure where this mess came from, but think I was eating currywurst from a truck. So I may have been drunk.

I’m not even sure where this mess came from, but think I was eat­ing cur­ry­wurst from a truck. So I may have been drunk.

Fries taste better in a cone, in front of a big sign of cartoon fries in a cone, and topped with mayo and mustard. In Brussels.

Fries taste bet­ter in a cone, in front of a big sign of car­toon fries in a cone, and topped with mayo and mus­tard. In Brussels.

Amsterdam vlaamse frieten at Baut.

Pomme frites ou vlaamse frieten?

The french fries to rule all french fries, from Maison Antoine, Brussels.

The french fries to rule all french fries, from Mai­son Antoine, Brussels.

Naturall bffs, mussels and frites

Nat­u­rall bffs, mus­sels and frites

Duck confit poutine. Almost getting tired of this dish, but not yet.

Duck con­fit pou­tine. Almost get­ting tired of this dish, but not yet.

Post-rave fries. I unsuccessfully tried to eat these for about 20 minutes.

Post-rave fries. I unsuc­cess­fully tried to eat these for about 20 minutes.

Yes, I will have ALL the fries, please. Holstein's.

Yes, I will have ALL the fries, please. Holstein’s.

What I’m Listening To Tonight + What I’ve Eaten Lately

I know, I know. I’ve missed you too.

Things have been hec­tic as of late, but I didn’t want you to think I’d for­got­ten about you. How could I? You’re my favorite. I promise, you are. Shhh. Don’t tell the oth­ers, you know how they get.

Big things are work­ing for me (and also, I’m work­ing towards big things), so until I can share the good­ness with you, here’s a few things to tie you over.

Cur­rently, I’m lis­ten­ing to this while I write tonight:

Richie Hawtin, ENTER. at Space, Ibiza

Fuck it, you should lis­ten to it too.

But I’ve also been lis­ten­ing to this, which has totally been great, ethe­real non-white noise for when I’m try­ing to focus. I may or may not write my next three books to this loop alone:

Infi­nite Daft Punk Loop

All Hail Daft Punk

All Hail Daft Punk

And then is the best thing I put in my mouth in the past week:

Shrimp Motha-truckin' Toast, Fat Choy

Shrimp Motha-truckin’ Toast, Fat Choy

It’s the shrimp toast from Fat Choy. Ah yes, there’s a fried egg on it, so if you know me well (and I think you do) you’d think that would be the auto­matic qual­i­fier for me. But alas, there’s more about this decep­tively sim­ple umami-bomb to love. It’s minced shrimp with a bit of lap cheong, or Chi­nese sausage, driz­zled with sriracha aioli and hoisin sauce, all atop a piece of toast. AND THEN that bad boy is topped with the egg. And then eff you if you don’t think it’s good.

Fat Choy
Inside Eureka Casino
595 E. Sahara Ave.

Daft Punk photo cour­tesy of Daft Punk’s face­book (and sadly no, they are not play­ing at my house

More Bourdain for your buck

I’ve lucked out in being able to inter­view some of the best culi­nary tal­ent in the world who have all been incred­i­bly gra­cious and inspir­ing (and nerve wrack­ing!) to speak to, but I’d never had an exclu­sive like this before.

Who doesn't love the bone?

Who doesn’t love the bone?

I had the good for­tune of being the only writer in Las Vegas to get to speak with Anthony Bour­dain in antic­i­pa­tion for his and Eric Ripert’s com­ing show this Sat­ur­day, and as such, I got to write two sto­ries out of one great interview.

Click here to read my full story in the Feb­ru­ary issue of Vegas/Rated: In the Kitchen of Good and Evil [Read more…]

My Q&A with Anthony Bourdain

When I tell peo­ple what I do for a liv­ing, inevitably there’s some­one who says “That’s my dream job!”

The only per­son I’ve ever spo­ken those same words of envy about is Anthony Bour­dain. Got to speak with him about the state of culi­nary affairs in Vegas, what the deal is with his new shows, and what his daugh­ter likes (and doesn’t like) to eat.

Here’s my Q&A with him in Vegas Seven.
It’s Not All Fear and Loathing

Anthony Bour­dain speaks at the Palms on Feb 9. I’m assum­ing this is an older photo because he’s still rock­ing that stu­pid earring.

Good vs. Evil: An Evening With Anthony Bour­dain and Eric Ripert, 8 p.m. Feb­ru­ary 9, the Pearl Con­cert The­ater at the Palms, tick­ets start at $59, 944‑3200, Palms.com.