28 Days of Food, Techno and Gratitude

Some­how, Novem­ber has arrived faster than we all antic­i­pated. And for me, my birth­day month is always a time to reflect if and how I’ve grown in the past year, and what I’d like to accom­plish in the next. It dawned on me when I saw Richie Hawtin last week­end   that 2013 has been one of the best years so far!

But there’s always room for improve­ment. Great­ness is an end­less pur­suit and some­times you need to take a step back to see where change is needed, what is work­ing, and what isn’t.

Which brings me to this post.…

This Novem­ber, I’ve decided to take 28 days off from drink­ing (yes, I’m feel­ing alright). The hia­tus ends on my birth­day, Novem­ber 28, which also hap­pens to fall on Thanks­giv­ing this year. There isn’t any right­eous­ness behind this, except that Octo­ber was heavy on events — and booze — so a reset for me also means some rest for my liver.

I try to be thank­ful every day, but some­times I lose sight of how for­tu­nate I am to live the life I do, have the job I have, and be sur­rounded by the best peo­ple. So my plan is to doc­u­ment what I’m thank­ful for over the next month. Of course this is a self-stroke fest, (and also an effort to blog more often) so I won’t be annoy­ing and post one a day. I’ll update about once a week with the run­ning list I have.

It won’t be all food and techno, of course, as there are plenty of other non-food and non-techno things to be grate­ful for. Some will be fun, some will be mun­dane, but all will be lit­tle snip­pets of my ridicu­lous life.

Here’s the run for the month so far:

Novem­ber 1 –My dog, E-Walk Sweetie’s birth­day. I’m grate­ful for this lit­tle mon­ster who has no man­ners, but is so lov­ing and sweet.

E-Walk Sweetie!

E-Walk Sweetie!


Novem­ber 2 — That my fam­ily can join me in Las Vegas for Thanks­giv­ing! This news is so excit­ing that I decided to make chicken stock today (also I had a left­over chicken car­cass that was taunt­ing me). I looooove to skim scum off stock. Seri­ously. I love it.

It’s never too early to prep for Thanksgiving.

Lazy Saturday chicken stock, indeed - courtesy Neil Conway

Lazy Sat­ur­day chicken stock, indeed — cour­tesy Neil Conway


Here’s to the next 26 days! What are you grate­ful for?


  1. Raine says:

    You for­got to be thank­ful for Meeko Sweetie.

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