Judging the Back of the House Brawl — I’m Judging You Right Now

So one of my favorite things in Vegas is the Sat­ur­day Night Truck Stop at Tommy Rock­ers. Every Sat­ur­day, a bunch of Vegas’ finest gourmet food trucks gather out­side of Tommy Rocker’s, a bar just on the other side of the free­way from the 15.

Every other Sat­ur­day (or so), how­ever, is when it gets really good. This is when they have the Back of the House Brawl, a friendly lit­tle com­pe­ti­tion involv­ing Strip chefs get­ting out of their state of the art, casino kitchens and cook­ing in the back of a cramped food truck. (To be fair, some of these trucks are like con­dos inside, but nowhere near what a real restau­rant kitchen is like). Epic bat­tles have taken place. Mighty chefs have fallen.

First the chefs are given the theme ahead of time to pre­pare a dish to be sold from the truck, and then after an hour of sell­ing, they are given a bas­ket of secret ingre­di­ents to cre­ate a brand new dish to pre­sented to the judges. This is where I come in. [Read more…]